The Untitled Notes

An escapist living in
Europe. Denmark

Blogs about poetry
writing beauty art.

And some days I can’t even trust myself
It’s killing me to see you this way

Of monsters and men

—God   I love   these little   monsters.


Exhausted is one way to describe how i feel. Today has been filled with SO much  a carnival ore a circus maybe it IS a Carnival came to our town today and it was SO much fun! between screaming and laughing I had  a great time.

Before I went I packed for the trip to Amsterdam  there is something about putting your clothes in a suitcase. You are taking things with you , You are taking yourself to some other world.

Cant Wait Cant Wait Cant Wait

Cant Wait Cant Wait Cant Wait

Kanske ær få

inget mer æn ett par får

viljan att vara mer finns inte i allas ben

Någons dåliga sjalvkansla kan vara en annas drivkraft.

Tala ditt eget språk nar du vill